A little about me, us, and this blog: I’m a twenty-something professional living in the northern Black Hills of South Dakota with my husband and our enormous black lab, Buster (who features prominently in most photo sets).  We’ve recently embarked on an exciting new adventure: moving into and renovating the farmhouse I grew up in.  Our new home is 17 acres in Fruitdale, South Dakota: a town that, according to the sign that has been there as long as I can remember, has a population of 76 (hence the name of this blog); according to Wikipedia, that’s wishful thinking and it’s down to 64.  I think Fruitdale would be most accurately referred to as perhaps a “village” – it doesn’t have its own grocery store, gas station, stoplight, or even zip code (because no post office), but it does get to retain its name.

We’re very excited to share our antics in renovating the house, as well as our day-to-day activities adjusting to farm life – gardening, cooking, DIY-ing, and (hopefully) raising a few animals eventually.  Thanks for joining us!



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