Hardwood floors and the great outdoors

​Oh hey friends, long time no blog! Sorry for the extended delay…we were out of town for a week, and then got swamped with work (of both the paid and weekend types). We’ve gotten all kinds of stuff accomplished and I have no idea how I’m going to catch you up on all of it, so, probably just lots of pictures. Here goes nothing.
As I type this, I’ve got a pie in the oven for Father’s Day dinner (apple-rhubarb, our new fave) (recipe still a secret) and we’re waiting for the first coat of varnish on the living room floor to dry. “WHAT’S THAT?” you say, “YOU FINALLY GOT AROUND TO THOSE STUPID FLOORS??” Why yes. Yes we did. Finally. The drywall guys did a truly phenomenal job, and the tape and texture guy gave us a “light orange peel” texture, which, after all my whining about texture, turned out to be perfect. Very subtle. We were in charge of priming the walls and ceiling, which was THE WORST and took the pair of us seven hours for a single coat. (If you ever have to paint bare drywall, get a sprayer or pay your children to do it for you. That stuff soaks up paint like a dang sponge.)So once THAT was done, it was finally time for the floors. We rented a sander and spent the entire weekend (plus Monday night) sanding. Long story short, it was super hard and it’s never going to be perfect. Suffice it to say that the floor has a lot of “character.” But it’s gorgeous red oak, and taking off that 25-year-old varnish was pretty stinking rewarding. 

For reference, here’s the floor when we moved in…

…a closeup of some of the wear and tear…

…and the room after sanding. (You can also see where there is no longer a door that used to be there!)

I’ll wait until we have all three coats of varnish on before the final reveal, but here’s a sneak peek of the new varnish going on…

Boww chicka WOW WOWWWWW it looks amazing.

You may have noticed from the changing scene outside the living room window in the above pictures that we’ve experienced a change in seasons out here, and SUMMER is now in full bloom! Since so much of our indoor living space has been out of commission, we’ve been spending most of our time outdoors. Everything has cleaned up really, really nicely (even the neighbors say so, which is a big confidence boost, thanks guys), and I spent the better part of two weekends planting our little garden! 

If you’re like, that’s the ugliest garden I’ve ever seen…I’m with you, dude. My parents have used black plastic for years, and it cuts down on the weeds like CRAZY, plus the tomatoes and peppers love the extra heat…but yep, it’s ugly. Next year we’re going to do the whole thing in neat little raised beds with paths in between, and a fence around the whole thing. But this will certainly do for now. In our garden we have peppers (bell, sweet banana, and green chile), tomatoes, broccoli, peas, zucchini, cucumbers, and spaghetti squash. In raised beds around the base of the house we have herbs (basil, parsley, sage, rosemary, thyme, cilantro, and oregano), greens (kale, spinach, and arugula), and leeks and onions. The herbs are so happy we literally can’t keep up with using them (ever seen a cilantro BUSH?), and everything else is at least happy enough to make it look like we know what we’re doing with this whole gardening thing. We also have rhubarb that’s still growing where my parents planted it, which has led to a bunch of AMAZING pies.

Finally, we have an important new(ish) addition to our little homestead…


They’re not so much babies now, actually. They’re like a month old and they are full-on grown-up ducks. (THEY GROW UP SO FAAAAAAST.) We (the Husband plus several of his friends that I bribed with pie) spent the better part of a week building a duck house and fenced pen, which are seriously amazing. They’re literally the luckiest ducks. Check it out:

They’re still working on their ramp skills. Swimming skills are at level 100 though…

So, there are your cute videos for the day. You’re welcome.

That’s all I’ve got for you today! Can’t wait to show you the floor!! Have a lovely day! 


One thought on “Hardwood floors and the great outdoors

  1. Ok, Nan here, wow what a read! Wish I had kept a pic diary of my old condo renovation three years ago. Thanks for sharing all this, beats L/D on the phone. This is my first attempt at “blog” comment. Hope it works. Loved the water faucit story, every reno has one. So proud of you both, more later, hugs, Nan

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