We don’t need no yack.

We ALMOST did the drywall ourselves. 

By “we,” I mean D and a buddy. By “almost,” I mean that after eight hours of hard labor over the course of two weeknights (that’s dedication) and a whole lot of swearing, they had one ceiling finished and we unanimously agreed to let the professionals do it. (I rewarded them with a pie. They definitely earned it.)

Miraculously, the professionals had an opening, and they arrived around 11:00 on Saturday morning. We expected a team of a half-dozen guys; only two came. While we were momentarily concerned, we should not have been. They knew EXACTLY what they were doing. When D told the foreman, Manuel, that we had a drywall jack (which holds the pieces of drywall up to the ceiling so you don’t have to hold it there yourself) that they could use if they wanted, Manuel – who had the accent of a native Spanish speaker, so read the following with that in mind – scoffed, shook his head, and said, “We don’t need no yack.”

Yacks are for amateurs.

Sure enough, five hours later the entire job was done. They didn’t need our silly jack because it took them approximately thirty seconds to get each panel secured to the ceiling enough to let go of it. I swear they moved at a rate of one screw per second, it was crazy. 

Our living room/bedroom at 11:

And at 4:

BOOM. And that’s why you pay the professionals. PLUS, they left us this phenomenal piece of llama art!! 

(I’m seriously a little obsessed with it.)

Left to be done in the living room/bedroom: tape and texture (also by the professionals, hopefully sometime this week), primer the walls, sand the hardwood floors, wash the ensuing dust off the walls, paint the walls, polyurethane the floors, let sit for a week, move stuff in and finally have a couch again. Hopeful timeline: end of May. We’re getting there.

Back to this weekend. While the drywall was happening, I put a coat of paint on the front bathroom…and immediately regretted it. I’d decided to paint it YELLOW!! (So bright and happy!! What a great idea!!) The color I picked out was a creamy, orange-y yellow, very light and not too in-your-face. The color I ended up with is…very punch-you-in-the-face. I tried to take pictures, but it actually comes out as a much nicer color in pictures than it is in person. So I’ll describe it as like “vibrant lemon meringue” and let you fill it in in your mind. Whatever it is, it’s NOT what I wanted, and I REALLY don’t like it.

It’s not clear what went wrong. D suspects that it wasn’t mixed right – the person who mixed it doesn’t usually work the paint counter and really didn’t seem to know what they were doing. I’m hoping it’s just because it’s only the first coat, and it’s just the bright white primer coming through and making it brighter, and the second coat will make it better. That being said, I haven’t had the guts to go in there and put the second coat on yet because 1) it’s so darn bright in there and 2) what if it isn’t any better?? Currently psyching myself up to do it this morning. Wish me luck.

More productively, we spent the majority of Saturday outside doing yard work. It was gorgeous, and there was plenty to be done! We have a stunning, but overgrown lilac hedge in front that’s easily fifteen feet tall and hasn’t been pruned in a while. So all the leaves are at the top, and the bottom/inside, which never sees the sun, is a mess. It’s extremely hard to take good pictures of, but here’s the beginning view from our kitchen window:

…and the front, from the road:

So I crawled around in there for a while, clipping (and sawing) dead branches, raking leaves, and pruning shoots that have popped up. Meanwhile, D and my tireless father tilled and seeded the parts of the yard where the grass had died, and when I’d had enough of the lilacs, I mowed the places where it hadn’t died. My mom weeded rhubarb plants and planted a row of asparagus. 

All in all, we worked for 12 hours and were EXHAUSTED. I didn’t take a lot of “after” pictures, because honestly the lilacs need a lot more work, and obviously growing grass is kind of an extended process. But believe me when I say it looked a LOT better. 

Sunday it gently rained on our grass all day, D framed in the bedroom closet with the help of a builder friend, and because I’m finally getting the hang of our weird old oven, I did some therapeutic baking to wind down.

(Bacon-cheddar-chive scones, recipe here, and blueberry-rhubarb pie, recipe a family secret!)

That’s all for now! Hopefully you’re having a wonderful week. Make today a good one.


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