Paint it red

Important update: I discovered the WordPress app. I’m like, excessively proud of myself. Mainly because we don’t have wifi at the house yet and this means I can write posts, like, WHENEVER. Wow technology wow.

It has been a LONG week. I have done so much painting. Well, not SO much, I guess, but it feels like a lot, with the cleaning and the spackling and the priming…it’s a lot. My good friend and coworker, who likes to laugh at me (love you toooo), pointed out yesterday at lunch that I had paint in my hair (oops). At that point I was going on 24 hours strong wearing the same ponytail. (I’m not kidding. I slept in it, put a shower cap over it when I showered, and it still looked good afterwards so I kept on going. The takeaways from this are that short hair is great, and it’s been a long week.) The upside was that I had an on-hand example (in my hair) of what color I’d just finished painting our laundry room; the downside was that I think I grossed her out. 

MOVING ON. The ironic part about the stuff I painted this week – the (new) front door and the laundry room – is that they’re both red. I don’t think I’ve ever painted anything else red in my life, but for whatever reason this week I was just into it. And I’m REALLY happy with how they turned out. 

So without further ado, here is the front door before…

…and the front door after!

WOW RED! I know, it is like, SO red. The color was called “neon red” and I was totally like, “oh it’s not that bright” and then it totally was. But I really like it. It’ll look even better once we paint the trim and patch up the gap between the trim and the siding. (And replace the light fixture. And get an adorable seasonal door decoration. It’s a work in progress.)

Also, MAJOR TIP for anyone who thinks they might want to paint their own door: if you want to paint the trim around the windows like I did, DON’T tape up the windows. It’s counter-intuitive, I know, but what I personally found was that it was much easier to get some paint on the windows and just scrape it off than it was to try to get the tape off without peeling the paint. Because it was full-on NOT POSSIBLE to get the tape off without peeling the paint. I guess the paint liked sticking to the tape more than to the door, so it just made a huge mess even though I tried going along the edge with an exact-o knife first. Seriously. Don’t bother with taping the glass.

Next up: the laundry room! Before…

And after! 

I’ll have some better “after” pictures once we replace the shelves and get our washer and dryer in there. I absolutely LOVE the color (which is less brown than the picture makes it appear, I don’t know if it looks that way on your screens), and it warms up that little room a lot. (It’s Benjamin Moore “Moroccan Spice,” in case anyone is curious.) It also looks really, really good with the exposed copper pipe that you can see in the first picture (an aspect we’re going to play up a little…stay tuned). Between taking down the shelves, washing all the walls, spackling the holes left by the shelves, priming, and painting (including behind all the stupid pipes and fixtures and sink, etc.), it took me the better part of this week to finish the laundry room, but I am SO happy with how it turned out. 

Also, Benjamin Moore paint, man. This was the first time either of us had ever used it – we’ve been using either Valspar or Royal up until now, because that was what our fave hardware store carried and our fave paint guy recommended. We’ve started going to another hardware store because it’s closer to us after the move, and all THEY carry is Benjamin Moore, and I have to say, I am impressed. First of all, it was half the price of Valspar. HALF. Already good. But second of all, in spite of the cheaper price, the paint was notably thicker than anything else we’d used, and the coverage was GREAT. I put on one coat and my husband, not knowing, thought I had finished. I put on a second coat and it was flawless. Every time I walk in there, I just want to run my hands over it, the finish is so delicious. 

And as of Wednesday evening, we are back in the house! The plumber came and fixed us all up. We also FINALLY got in touch with an electrician to come and wire up the living room and master bedroom, so he’s coming today and we will be able to insulate this weekend and drywall next weekend. We’ll be living in that half of the house before you know it! I can’t TELL you what a relief it is to be making progress on it. Buster seems to be ok with it just the way it is though…

He’s a sundog.

That’s all for now, friends! Have a great weekend! 


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